Terms and Conditions


By purchasing our add to cart service you the buyer are hiring us as an Independent Contractor on your behalf to buy a shoe for you.

This means that you are contracting us (kixout.com) to add a sneaker to checkout for you (Buyer) online. We will add the shoe to your cart with the login information that you provided, on your behalf in good faith of payment for services rendered and on the grounds of successful checkout. You are paying kixout.com for the time spent adding the shoe to your cart and checkout; not for the shoe itself. You agree that you are buying our time not a service, sneaker and or product because that is against the websites rules (Nike, Supreme, Adidas…).

You agree that we are not responsible for any outcome of us acting on your behalf. You agree to receive no benefits/compensation etc from us if such a situation should take place with website, You, kixout. or its owners. You agree not to take any legal action against kixout. or its owners and forfeit any and all compensation.

You agree that any money spent on our services are non-refundable if succeeded, or if the slots are Non-refundable Slots. Any charge backs (Bank and credit card fraud and or reversals) will result in a cancellation of any services obtained. We reserve the right to use your information to fight any charge-backs including any personal information we have for you. We reserve the right to present your information to our lawyers for legal action against any charge-backs. You agree that any refunds that are due to be issued are to be issued at our sole discretion. We (kixout) agree to refund 100% of all money obtained from buyer if we feel the service was not completed from our side.

After our service is completed the contract shall be terminated. You agree that kixout will no longer be responsible for anything that happens once we checkout the shoe for you. You agree that any cancellations or product error is your responsibility and to not hold kixout liable for anything. Shipment of wrong products, wrong size of product, sold out products or errors on any website store are not our problem. After the contract has been terminated you agree that no refund will be given due to services having been already rendered.

You must contact your Bank to tell them not decline any payment, and allow all charges on the release day, almost all of the Banks will decline Cards charges because of some security features. If we try and checkout your order and your card gets declined, your order will fail, and it’s not something we’re responsible for, the fee that you provide us with will be claimed.




Yes, by purchasing a service from Kixout you are guaranteed 100% success on your order or a full refund within 48 hours of the release (may vary depending on release date changes/delays) and could take up to as long as 7 business days.

We do not offer refunds on completed orders that have shipped to you, once we complete the service on our end you will be charged, even if you wanted to return the item to the retailer.

Please make sure you would like the item before you order as once we checkout your order with us will be fulfilled. Once we buy the item for you it will not be refunded/cancelled.

We are not responsible for any problem from your side like wrong info or insufficient funds. So please make sure you have the sufficient funds beforehand.

We do not offer refunds on invalid card numbers or miss information that causes an order to fail such as card number, card type, card expiration, card cvv, email, zip code, phone. It is your job to ensure your information is 100% correct before checking out and you can always check your order details here before release to confirm it is accurate. If anything is incorrect please email us immediately with the change that is needed and it will be manually applied to your order. You have to contact us before 24 hours from the release.


You can’t return edit any order after the day of the release (24 hours before the release all payment are fixed).


Refunds are automatic and you will receive yours within 48 hours.

If you still have not received your refund and your order was not completed, please email us the order number and item at Support@kixout.com

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